JUDr. Alexandra Machanová - advokátska kancelária

Who we are

We are an attorney-at-law office with experience of many years, which we have gained in the course of working at various positions in the area of law, such as legal assistants, in-house legal counsels, or junior associates and attorneys-at-law.

We have been always facing many challenges in different conditions, which, while meeting them, have formed, shifted, and still improve our quality, ambitions and make demands on our potential.

Now, we offer you the option to grow with us one step ahead.

What we do

Our attorney-at-law office provides comprehensive legal services.

As the needs of our clients focus mainly on commercial, civil, and labor law and their subareas, we pay more attention to these areas.

Naturally, we provide legal services in other areas of law such as administrative, penal, or financial law as well.

We are one step ahead.

How we work

We listen carefully to our client, we ask about every detail, we want to know the context, and we are interested in the complex picture.

We think of every alternative, we give careful consideration to all connections, not only to legal ones.

We talk only in the end. We tell the client about every possibility and knowing the client’s situation in detail, we always recommend the client the optimal solution.

With us, you are always a step ahead.

Where we work

We always act where and when our client needs it.

Our office is situated in Senec.

Schedule an appointment today and be a step ahead with us.


JUDr. Alexandra Machanová

Address: Mierové nám. 19, 903 01 Senec
Cell no.: +421 903 929 976
E-mail: machanova@machanova.sk
GPS coordinates: N48.2206675 E17.3980398